Our Mission

Lettucee brings a modern and exciting take on providing a unique experience to climate-friendly families by growing the freshest zero waste vegetables possible while supporting local growers.



How we will succeed:

Utilizing aquaponics on a commercial scale, we will be be growing a large number of fresh vegetables to sell direct to customers in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. Lettucee will then begin scaling up to include a wider variety of fresh produce with the eventual goal of creating a distribution network to ship our fresh USDA certified organic vegetables all over the United States.

Lettucee is partnering with local farms to create a modern farmers market program using our website so that all of our customers can chose from which farms they'd like to purchase from. Each item will include information on who and where the product is grown, allowing our customers to see exactly where their food is coming from.

Lettucee is partnered with several local foodbanks including Roadrunner to donate and provide fresh organic vegetables to families that could benefit most in the Albuquerque area. 

Operating as a zero waste facility, all aspects have been considered. All packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. Any non-sold product is donated or composted. 

Lettucee will be hiring all our growers at a minimum of $15/hr while providing additional employment benefits. Training programs for leadership roles will be provided to ensure that every new Lettucee farm will have a well grown leadership team. As we scale up and increase our productions, we will be opening new locations with a focus of metropolitan areas. 

Lettucee is the future of agriculture in an ever changing world filled with uncertainty about where our next meals are coming from. Put down some roots with us and help us grow into something truly special!